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PhD Resources is a list of resources , grants, scholarships. Use them for discovering,
brainstorming, creating and writing dissertations, academic articles and books.
PhD Theses is a collection of PhD dissertations repositories together with documents, advice, tools and techniques for writing.
PhD Jobs is a collection of job boards for academics, researchers and engineers.
This collection is organized by country, discipline and international organizations.
PhD Profiles is for more online visibility, higher citations and broader networking
opportunities with researchers of similar interests.
PhD Answers gives PhD and Post Doctorate students in all fields, the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from researchers, experts and engineers from around the world.
PhD News is a digest of news from around the world that are of interest to researchers, PhD students and Post Doctorate researchers in all fields.
PhD Candidate is a collection of resources, dissertations, theses, grants, scholarships, jobs, news and pointers for PhD students and Post Doctoral researchers.

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