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Here is a collection of resources for experts, researchers and students in science, engineering and the humanities. We hope that it is short enough to please, long enough to be useful and organized enough to let you go straight to the heart of what matters most to you. Although it may not be complete and answer every question, it should cover enough territory to help you continue your journey.
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PhD Candidate


PhD Candidate is a collection of resources, dissertations, theses, grants, scholarships, jobs, news and pointers for PhD students and Post Doctoral researchers.

  • Resources
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Jobs
  • Answers
  • News

Master's Candidate


Master's Candidate is a collection of resources, theses, grants, scholarships, jobs, news and pointers for Master's students.

  • Resources
  • Finances
  • Jobs
  • Answers
  • News
  • Theses

Open Access


Open access (OA) is a movement for the free dissemination and access of scholarly research literature with proper attribution of authorship.

  • Directories of OA material
  • Open access Journals
  • Open access Repositories
  • Open access Education
  • References about OA



Useful publications for research in all fields.

  • Books
  • Theses
  • News
  • Pointers



Tools to help organize and keep track of research.

  • Orgnanizing Research
  • Writing effectively with Guides and Tutorials
  • Publishing made easy
  • Staying in touch through useful Platforms
  • Brainstorming Tools



Several useful References for research.

  • Reference books for Research
  • Multimedia material for Research
  • Ideas to boost Research skills
  • Reference Recommended

General Resources


General purpose Material for research.

  • Classics
  • Publishers
  • People in research
  • Great scientists
  • Places
  • Institutions
  • Software tools

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